punk rock from the dark side of the force!!!
THE SITHFITS HAVE RISEN!!! 1977 was an amazing year...punk rock was born, "Star Wars" was released upon the planet, and "Weird Al" Yankovic recorded his first song in the bathroom of his college radio station...if these three events were to spawn an offspring, it could easily be THE SITHFITS!!! The Sithfits combine classic punk rock songs with Star Wars-inspired parody lyrics resulting in a powerful, yet humorous musical experience. Not only limited to their fun-filled sonic attack, THE SITHFITS dress the part, visually representing a punk rock vision from the Dark Side of The Force!!! The Sithfits are the brain child of Tim Mancinas, founder of Sithfits clothing, Courtney Cruz, the woman who first introduced the world to nerdy burlesque via her production company The Devil's Playground, and Jimmy Psycho, the main mind behind the horror rock band Psycho Charger and the "spooky sci-fi lounge band" The Jimmy Psycho Experiment. Tim, who was looking for a way to promote his clothing, had a chance meeting wtih Courtney and Jimmy at a Devil's Playground show and the initial seeds of THE SITHFITS were planted. The band stormed the stage at The Devil's Playground "Star Girls" Burlesque show in Hollywood in August of 2015 and THE SITHFITS machine has only picked up speed since then, becoming one of the most sought-after Cosplay music acts in the country. THE SITHFITS are currently booking shows throughout 2016...contact the band using the form below for more info... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
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